Multifamily Insurance recommendations for North Florida

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This will be my 6th year in the real estate investment and rental business and I'm just about to close on my 16th SFH. I'm now thinking about taking the next step and moving into multi-family. Of course, there are great resources here on BP. As I look to understand the economics of a deal I'm pursuing, I wanted to get recommendations for good multifamily insurance agents in North Florida. The complex is a total of three buildings, each with 2 townhomes for a total of 6 units.

Thanks for your thoughts and recommendations as I slowly and cautiously take the next step.

They actually specialize in investment properties. You get better rates the more you insure with them, offer coverage for multiple LLC's or business entities and trusts, and even do named storm if you want it. I haven't had a claim but another investor had a fire and they paid pretty promptly, so that's good.