Tampa Rental Submarkets/Neighboorhoods

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For those that invest in Tampa rentals, what are you general opinions of the following neighborhoods/submarkets in Tampa:

Sulphur Springs

East Tampa

North Tampa

Seems to be more "deals" in these parts of the city for SFH/MF (relative to other areas) but honestly, they look a bit sketchier (think C/D), although this can vary by street as always. Have come across a few I found promising from a pure numbers perspective, but never pulled the trigger due to other qualitative metrics that didn't meet my investment criteria. Still trying to get a sense from others that may own here what their experience has been. Maybe I'm being overly pessimistic or cautious.

Thanks- Matt  

@Matt Humps All three of the areas are great. Many of my investors are picking up properties in these areas due to the value of the deal. Even small new construction homes in these areas have peaked interest.