Looking for opinions on buying tax liens over the counter in Florida. Spoke to a guy who said he's been doing it in FL for 20 years, and always finds some deeds worth buying and rehabbing into rentals. 

Question: Does this sound correct? That there are still some decent deeds that were not purchased at auction that are worthy of purchase for rehab? He says he typically pays around $12k and then puts in some money for rehab (up to around $10k). He always buys in the same county but he says there are many many counties where this is true. He also said you could buy over the counter year-round. He pulled up a county list on his phone with about 100 or so listings. I asked him to estimate the percentage of buyable deeds on a typical list and he estimated between 5 - 10% are buyable for this purpose. 

Would anyone concur with this estimate? Any comments? I live in Nevada but am interested in Florida. Thanks!