Multifamily Mailing List Question

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Hi BP! I currently have a duplex and am looking to lock down some commercial deals as it will allow me to scale faster. I'm in the process of creating a list for a mailing campaign - ie. I created a list off appraiser's website for all 5-9 units and 10-49 units in area and am looking up LLC / owner's address 1 by 1. If anyone has a more efficient way of doing this, please let me know. Eventually, I will outsource to a virtual assistant.

I notice there are some LLC's who have Esq and Title Managers - would anyone be able to give me a little insight as to what this means and who the owner might be?

Thanks so much - to give some value, I created (what I consider) an AWESOME Google spreadsheet for quick analysis on 2-4 units. If anyone is interested in that, I'm happy to share - just message me and I can send it over. :) 

@Amber Scavone

Ask a commercial broker if they can find a contact. Normally they use reonomy or RPR to get a name. You could cross reference properties with the county clerks office too. Or DBA search the LLC. You could call the lawyer and ask if the owner is looking to sell. That could work too.