Wholesaling in South Florida

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Soooo...  I will not get specific or name the profession, but I was recently told wholesaling in south Florida (south of Orlando-East and West Coasts)  is a thing of the past.  I'd like to know what the community thinks about that comment.  

I am on the other side of you in SE Florida Broward county and there are still many investors/wholesalers active in the market. There are new opportunities daily I still believe. A couple of months ago I assigned a contract to one of my cash investors for 260K and he put some money into it and just sold it at 350K. 

Can you go more in depth on what you meant by "a thing of the past"? Are there new regulations expected to be past soon? Can you shed some more color on that topic or was it just someone talking and voicing their opinion? 

One day I supposed it might be a thing of the past but until then I will continue to push forward. If things do change you just have to pivot and make it work. Just my 2 cents...

Hi Mike,  it was an opinion, they said there are just about zero properties remaining that can be had at below market value that fit the wholesale model.  I'm in Cape Coral and although this area seems to be maxed out I have to think there are areas outside the metro areas with potential- or just knowing what to look for.