who do you speak to Commercial Zoned O/I property.

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I really have no idea what to do with this and who I should contact to see if they would be interested. Where do I find zoning rules in Georgia?? If nobody wants a elders home, maybe it can be used for something else. I want to help, but do not have any idea how to do so at this time. Any ideas??? 

@Derrick Gordon

Hey Derrick-

So, in order to find the zoning ordnance most time the city or county will have the document or link to documents on their website.

If you can’t find it, you could always call the zoning department and have them look up the property and they can provide you with the proper zoning.



@Derrick Gordon

What is the property exactly? A senior living home? If the property is currently in operation, determine the NOI and go from there.

Zoning would only come into play if you were trying to market the property to a developer. Is the owner in some sort of financial trouble?

Yes, its a senior care facility. She's elderly and wants to sell. I have to pry the details out of her for the business.