Looking for property manager in Warner Robins

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Hi I'm looking to invest in Warner Robins and was hoping to get some recommendations for a good property manager. I have a few properties but I'm still very new so I have a lot of questions and need guidance so hopefully someone who's fairly easy to reach and patient with an out of state investor.

Also a good agent and attorney would be nice too but my main concern is a PM.


@Danny J. Cannot help with an attorney, but can with an agent and an PM (in one:) After getting little/no help from anyone initially recommended there to work with last December/January, I was lucky to have found Harder Real Estate Group on my own. I had a bunch of properties I was considering for my 1031, and was on a time crunch - almost went with a different market.

The same day I contacted them, Loretta went out and did FaceTime from the properties we narrowed down earlier in the day. My two offers were accepted in short order, and they’ve been managing these properties since February. I was happy with their agency representation, and have learned - through a number of expected and unexpected repairs - that I can trust them as the PM, as well.

Hello! I appreciate the response and suggestion, I'll reach out to them today. If you'd like me to say you referred me please DM me a name or anything you'd like so that she may know. 

How has Warner Robins been through the pandemic if you don't mind me asking? And if you were there even before then, how was it? I have a few properties in Macon but its been quite saturated lately so I'm trying to branch out. But as I mentioned, I'm still new and admittedly ask lots of annoying questions of my PM. My PM in Macon has been great but unfortunately they charge extra to go out to WR. 

Thank you!

@Danny J. You don’t need to mention me - thank you, though. It’s a new market for me, so can’t compare to pre-pandemic. I bought at a somewhat slow time of the year, so deals were more widely available than what I am seeing there (and in other markets) currently.

Both are B class properties. If you are ok with C, there may still be good deals - don’t know for sure, tho. The two tenants have been paying on time, with no unreasonable requests (at least not any reported to me by Harder REG.)