NW Georgia Meetup??

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Hi all! I live northwest of Atlanta and wondered if anyone knows of a meetup in the Cartersville or Kennesaw area? Thanks!

@Evans Marcie

Hi Evans - I'm a member of GAREIA and I know Bill Cook and his wife Kim have a (or had) a North Georgia REIA they setup. Their website says its in Cartersville. I've never been to their meeting, but I've met Bill at the Atlanta meetings several times and I think he's a solid guy to associate with. I'll PM you the link to their site. Good luck!

Terrence Smith Thank you so much!! I really appreciate it. I live in Cartersville so that would be perfect!

Im pretty sure the north metro REIA meets at Barrett parkway once a month.

Bill Cook is a great guy.  Look at his website and get with him.  Very knowledgeable.

Terrah Whitlock is the person on their team who helps Bill and Kim put the REIA together. www.bartowrealestate.com is where you can reach out to them.

It is an excellent REIA meeting right there in Cartersville. I've been to it many times and there is an incredible amount of knowledge that floats around that room. I can attribute much of my REI success to the folks there. Bill is great teacher and understands the rules of this game very well. You will not feel like it's wasted time by going to this REIA! :)

Bill and Kim run an excellent REIA group up in Cartersville. We have been attending their group for many years and they are some of the most approachable people that you will ever meet.

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