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Good Afternoon All,

I'm new to Bigger Pockets, but I have certainly enjoyed learning so much about the opportunities available w/ real estate. I have always known that including real estate in a portfolio is the best way to build income streams for decades to come. While searching through these post, I have noticed that the majority of the threads are about the Atl and surrounding areas. I'm searching for an experienced investor to show me the ropes. I'm a young professional that owns and operates a successful insurance business, but I have not had any luck with any of the local "big dogs" in real estate willing to take a moment to share with me their thoughts on wholesaling. Almost everyone I speak to that I know that includes real estate in their portfolio, has told me that they are buy and hold investors with dozens of rental homes. I want to start with wholesaling, and It seems as though there would be demand for someone willing to put in the hard work of finding the gems in my area. With that being said, I want to get more information specific to our area/state about the regulations and rules to correctly get a foundation for wholesaling in South Georgia. 

Many thanks in advance,

Don Williams
Valdosta, GA 

Hey, I'm in Houston County, just south of Macon.  Let me know of any deals you run across in my area.  Ditto on most of the posts being about ATL, which I have no desire to invest in.

Hey @Amy E. Do you know of any local REI meetings/get togethers around Houston County?

Yes, actually. Christopher Tillman runs the local REI meetings, based out of Macon, and there is a sub-group that meets once a month at the Nola Brantley library. PM me if you want his email.

Or, they have a meetup group here, I couldn't make the link work, you may have to type it in.

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