Hey BP. I grew up in west Georgia (Douglasville) and have moved to Austin TX about 8 years ago. Looking to get into the multi families in the west Georgia area (Douglasville, Villa Rica, Marietta, others). Can anyone recommend a good investor friendly agent? Also, I am looking for a good portfolio lender in the area that will evaluate deals based on the deal numbers, not my debt to income ratio. I have great credit and debt to income ratios, but already have 4 mortgages, so most Fanny/Freddy backed lenders will not lend to me. I am also looking for some off MLS multi family deals, but I am still early in my career, so I can't pay all cash just yet. Seller finance or other creative finance options are very attractive. Curious to hear how things are going in the west Georgia market.

Any help is appreciated. Happy investing!