Investor Friendly Agencies in southern Atlanta

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Hey there Atlantans,

I'm moving in just south of Atlanta and wanted to connect with an investor friendly Real Estate agency.  

I've heard that smaller agencies or commission-only agencies are the best to work with for someone like me -- new to real estate, looking for my license and MLS access for personal real estate investing needs.

Any suggestions?

Hey @Eric Stieler . I think we've spoken previously! I know of an investor-friendly brokerage run by an experienced investor, landlord, agent and private lender. Connect with me here if you'd like their contact info.

Yes we have -- Mitch Messer from Home Pride Investor Deals.  

I will follow up with you by PM/email.

Hey Eric,

I have experience with a larger brokerage that has low fees but certainly understands investing. They operate and have offices all over Atlanta, not just the south side in case your investing expands.  Send me a pm and I will give you the broker info on who to speak with.

@Micah Redden I'd like the contact info of your broker also if that's ok. I am an investor in the Atlanta area and will have a license (primarily to purchase my flips). Are you still with the broker?

Hey @Autumn Webb

I am still with my broker and I love it.  Largest privately held brokerage in Atlanta, lots of training and benefits with being part of a large group.  I will DM the info!


I am in Fayette Co (and have been since 1997) , if you need GAMLS or South side assistance, reach out anytime. I am with PalmerHouse out of Buckhead and my personal office is in Chamblee. Welcome to the Southern Crescent!

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