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I live in Atlanta from 2008. I bought a home in cumming at higher price 2 year before. I learnt some trend on the housing market. Now i want to do an investment property around 250K. I am not getting any +ve cash flow property in the areas I think easily rentable ( Alpharetta, Dunwoody, Smyrna) . I predominantly look for SFH, May be Townhome and shy away from Condos.

I can stretch and do the cash buy in but also if the interest is around 4% if the cash flow from property is more than that.. I can try to buy couple more property with the finance. 

My question is , I am finding hard to get +ve cashflow properties around the areas i mentioned, Is there any other area around Atlanta would have a better cash flow and easily rentable around the price range? Any other option for an investment around  250K .  Any thought or direction would be highly Appreciated.


Sent you a PM, I actively work and invest in those areas and we can discuss some options!

Originally posted by @Lane Kawaoka :

Arun Kumar Balasubramani I bought near the loop highway a few years back but now you have to go far out to villa rica.

 Thanks @Lane

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