Property Management Company Liability’s to Renters due to Rats

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My wife and I losing our voices discussing plans for our new rental house and our own backyard as the 26’ U-Hall truck engine roared through the slow lane in 285 to East Point, GA. All those plans where shattered after opening the door. Dogging spiders inside the webs they created, my wife asking me if its decorated for Halloween knowing her sarcasm in her voice we know that our rental house is not what the property management company promised. We thought spiders not the worst thing but walked into the kitchen finding no refrigerator and rat droppings everywhere! This was Saturday evening! Our accounts are over drafted, and we are still waiting for resolution. We need your expert help with the laws of Georgia because we are afraid that we will not be reimbursed for many of the additional time and cost due to their negligence and who can help us locally? Any advice is much appreciated and your support will hopefully help this never happen to someone else in the future. Thank you again for your time!