Home Inspections in Lahaina

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BP Friends,

For a condo in Lahaina, I'm wondering if:

1) Radon testing is required? Does anyone have experience with RADON testing in Maui in general?

2) Can you recommend good home inspection companies?

3) Can you recommend good mold inspection companies?

4) you recommend good termite inspection companies?



Hawaii inspection group is great.  Bud stanton is a solid inspector with them.  They do Mold testing as well. Bowman is great for termite.  DON'T use terminix, they are terrible here.  Radon testing is not necessary here, but as always it is up to you.  

Just out of curiosity, your agent should have all of these recommendations for you?  Are you working with anyone on island?

I like Bowman for termite inspections. But not necessary to have this inspection with you're dealing with a condo as the AOAO is responsible for termite treatment.  The AOAO is responsible for the structure of the building, roof, exterior; you only own the interior.

Happy buying , Ashish

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