Kona Coffee Farms and Homes

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Hi All,

So I've been looking at what my next steps might be as a I research a new interest. I've been looking deep into Kona Coffee Farms, similar to this one here (Actually the best two I've found). 



What I'm looking for I guess is people's opinions on how these actually work? Is this cheap? Is the Big island a terrible place to live? I see that schools are bad, and that coffee trees are being invaded by the CBB. However, it seems like a great way to "retire". Coffee farmer is the ideal type of retirement if this can sustain a simple lifestyle. (the farming as well as my other RE investment and equity assets). 

Just looking to see if any of you locals are familiar with the lifestyle, profitability, area etc.. 

Thanks for reading!

First thing I would investigate is if this is a Leasehold property and the agricultural requirements

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