Anything happening in Maui?

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Hi Maui investors! I'm going to be in Maui on July 3rd and though it would be cool to meet some local investors while I'm there. I'm a newer investor living in California with properties in Illinois. I also have some experience doing hard money loans. But I'm always looking to learn more. I tried finding some meetups in the area for that day but couldn't find anything. Do any Maui investors know of any networking events happening that day? Or does anyone want to grab some coffee and chat, my treat :).

Hey Yohannes, happy to meet up over a coffee while you are here. Where on Maui will you be visiting?


We have a Maui Real Estate Investors Group meeting once a month, how long will you be in Maui?

Always welcome to stop by, we are right next to Starbucks...

@Mark Waite I'd be happy to meet for coffee. I'll PM you.

@Mark Guagliardo I'll be in Maui from June 30th till July 4th but I'll only be free on July 3rd to meet some fellow investors. When does the investor group meet? I'd love to stop by.

The meetup is July 13. I'd be interested in discussing your hard money loans @Yohannes Kifle

Aww won't be able to make that @Loren Clive but I'd be happy to talk with you about my hard money loan experience. It's an area I'm trying to do more in. I'll PM you.

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