Transferring to Pearl Harbor, Questions About Where to Look

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I'll be transferring to Pearl Harbor towards the end of September, and would like to buy a place. The ideal place for me would be 2 bedrooms, around 350k, have a decent commute (walking/biking distance would be incredible), and be willing to sell to someone using a VA loan. I figure this is probably a pipe dream, so most things are negotiable but I'm open to any advice on what areas to be looking at, or even who to talk to once I'm on the island.

Has anyone gotten ahold of you? I currently own one rental property here using my VA loan, and am working on my second one here (also using my VA loan). I am also an agent so I have MLS access. Text me if you’d like to chat about your options!

Aloha Whitney,

My advise to you is to come to the island and rent for about 6 months. During that time, you will have plenty of time to checkout the neighborhoods which would be ideal for your situation. There are few neighborhoods which are more military friendly or closer to the military installations. Feel free to send me message around your PCS time, and I can send you a list of rentals for your consideration. Thanks & Mahalo.

Aloha @Whitney J. ,  I love finding off market deals.  I assume at your price range for a 2bd, you are looking for a Condo.  If yes, please make sure that you understand Fee Simple versus Leasehold (please google it).   If you are in Pearl Harbor and want to be in commute range,  I would look at locations like Salt Lake, Aliamanu, Foster Village, Halawa.   Although commute distances are shorter than the CONUS, the traffic here during rush hour can be crazy (e.g. 16 miles = 1.5 hour commute).  Blessings,  Joel

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