Anybody know any good Hawaii real estate agents?

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Anybody know any good Hawaii investor friendly real estate agents and/or wholesalers? Any property managers you guys would recommend?


I don’t know any property managers personally, but for investor-friendly realtor: Kina Knisley is great!

Good luck!

Me! I do Residential Sales and Leasing. I don't do Property Management. I only work on Maui. I can refer you agents on Oahu and the Big Island

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@Ian Jackson I would agree with @Jin Lim on his recommendation, there is also Duc Ong, or myself (shameless plug, but I am an investor, that got his license on the I would like to think I'm investor friendly haha). I host an event in Kailua (Windward REI) every month, and we have several quality realtors and many investors show up (Kina Knisley being one of them) you should check it out!

Hey Ian! I’m a full time agent with Better Homes and I work out of our Kahala office. I’m a recent homeowner near you also, Salt Lake (Lakeside). If you want to meet up please let me know. I work with investors and am an investor myself, having completed flips/PML/commercial development. Feel free to private message me. Thanks!

@Ian Jackson There is one on Monday, and then it is the first Tuesday of every month! We meet at Kailua United Methodist Church at 1800

Hi @Ian Jackson !  

I'm a realtor on Oahu and I specialize in working with investors.  Please let me know how I can be of help.  

Thanks David Pere for the shout out!

What island?

Hey @Ian Jackson, I don't know if you are still looking for a property manager, but I know a really good one if you still are. Lemme know. 

For anyone needing a tireless, intelligent, and extremely knowledgeable realtor in the Kailua-Kona area of the Big Island, I highly recommend Brian McCourt. He worked with us for over a year to close on a ridiculously complicated purchase of a short sale condo in probate, and now we own an ocean front unicorn! (A Hawaii property that not only pays for itself but generates good cash flow.)

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