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I am new to BP. I am originally from Boise, ID but have lived in Hermosa Beach, Ca since 2002. My wife and I have two rental properties in Nampa, ID. They have been great investment properties for us. We are currently looking to purchase more SFR's and wanted to know if anyone has had experience owning properties in both Canyon county and Ada county. I have been told by a few people the property taxes are less than in Ada county and therefor it's better to buy in Ada county.


Hey Devon,

If I were you I'd google "Ada county tax assessor" and you will be taken to a page where you can search for a property address and see the actual tax amount that is owed for the property. That way you can do a comparison of the taxes on similar homes.

Good luck!

Hey Keith,

Thanks for the advice. I do know the actual difference I was just curious if anyone felt strongly about ada over canyon. 

I see you are from Meridain , do you have any long term holds in Meridian?

Thanks and happy Sunday! 


HI @Devon Craychee -  Hi from Idaho! Property taxes are definitely higher in Canyon, but there are also advantages there (such as a lower price point) that some really like. For many of the investors I work with,  they are open to looking at both counties. It is all about the whole picture, not just the tax bill.  My own investments are in Ada (Boise), but even within Ada County, the taxes vary quite a bit.  Related to Meridian - it is an excellent market to be a landlord in right now.  Last I heard, there are around 10 people a day moving into town! It is now hovering at about 100,000 population.

Hi Devon!  I own a few rental properties in Ada County.  I just sold my one in Boise and the others are in Meridian.  I am actually looking in Canyon County now because of the lower price point.  I have been told many times to stick with Ada County, but I also know investors in Canyon County that are doing well.  I agree that you need to look at the whole picture.  Taxes are just a small part.  Find something in a good area that will cash flow and that will continue to appreciate in value.

Hey @Devon Craychee , I own two rentals, one in ada county and one in canyon county. I've had the one in ada county for two years and the one in canyon for roughly 4 months. The house in canyon county was about 15% cheaper (both a 3 bed, 2 bath, 2 car garage) and the house in canyon county is also cash flowing close to $100 more than the one in ada county. Plus I listed the house for rent on hotpads and had roughly 20 calls and 5 showings within two days. I had a signed lease in under a week. I think both places are great for rentals, but I probably ran about 50 homes through the calculator on bigger pockets and the Canyon County home had the best returns. 

Hey guys,

Appreciate all the replies. I'm still new and can't figure out how to reply individually. Ha!

I agree the bigger picture and the deal as a whole is the most important thing. It's good to hear from everyone and their own experiences.

I will be working with my realtor to continue to find more hold properties to grow my portfolio.


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