Investing in the Eastern Idaho Area

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Hello! This is my first post, so it's nice to meet local investors in Idaho as well. I'm just wanting to get a feel for everyone's thoughts on investing in property located in Eastern Idaho right now. To me, it seems like nothing new ever shows up in the MLS and I am clueless as to finding off-market deals in this area. It's easy to see that right now is a "sellers market", seeing how home prices have increased in even the last year. Is anyone having success in this area? I'm very interested in starting here, since this is where my family and I live, but I also don't want to plant my roots in shallow dirt, so to speak.

@Cade Stafford Welcome to BP! You've made the first smart choice by posting to BP. There is tons of information to learn here from the forums, webinars, and my favorite, the podcasts. The Idaho Falls market it tough, as pretty much everywhere right now, but it depends on what you are looking to do. If you are a flipper, as your profile states, there are opportunities out there. I know of people that are doing it but it takes work to find the properties. I do more buy & hold in the area, but have been having more success near Pocatello. Are you currently working with an agent to get leads from the MLS? PM me if you would like more information or to meet up. Good luck!

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