First Idaho Househack

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Been looking to buy my first home/rental property in Blackfoot or surrounding areas (Idaho Falls). There are not many properties for sale and the ones that are seen to be highly priced compared to the rents. Are there still good buys to me made in this area? Should I look at my analysis different if it will be a house hack? Wanting a duplex or fourplex. I welcome any thoughts or suggestions! Thanks.

@Avery Robertson Yes, you need to take into account you will be getting a lower interest rate and assumingly a lower down payment. A duplex probably won't cut it for you, but possibly. A 3 or 4 plex would be best. In that scenario, a 4 plex would probably cover your mortgage with the other 3 units and then when you eventually move out and rent the 4th unit it will cash flow that much more for you. That's what I would do if I could start over. But even if the rents don't fully cover your mortgage but leave you with a much lower payment than what you alone would pay for rent or a mortgage then you are still better off for the amount you will be saving. That is still a win, and then assuming that over time the rents will increase, you will still be ahead. Even more so if it is one that you can fix up while you live there and slowly improve it as well to get forced appreciation. I know of a few potentials that could work for you, depending on where you are willing to be. Pocatello may have some good ones for you, maybe in Idaho Falls as well. Send me your info in a PM and I can send you something that can help you find what you are looking for.