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Looking for reasonable prefab getaway home ideas for a lot in a resort type association.  I can't get rid of this lot in this large lake association with about 500+ lots in the center of IL by Peoria.  Since I can not get rid of the lot then I need to put it to use and possible start airbnb/ renting it for a getaway.  I see these all these new prefabs but some have outrageous pricing.  Love to find a company/entrepreneur who woudl want o show case their design as its being used for Airbnb.  

@Chester Z. ,

I love the idea of prefab homes. But haven't seen them done beautifully AND done at a reasonable price. You seem to get one or the other. Some more reasonable prefab homes look more like a modular home and lack any design interest. I may be a little bit biased in my opinion. I know it's not that big of a market here in Utah but I understand there are more option in other areas of the country as well as in Canada. 

The following two websites are good resources for beautiful modern prefab homes. They are the ones that architects look at when we think about or talk prefab.

You might also want to look into doing a custom built home. You would be able to tailor it more to your needs and make it work better with your budget. 

Good luck

Kinley Puzey, AIA

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