Building my investment team

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Hey bp family. currently trying to build my investment team,  does anyone have recommendations for a good attorney near the collinsville illinois area? 

Hey Chris, unfortunately I don't have any help to this, but as I'm not far from the area I'm interested in any recommendations as I am looking to begin investing in the near future.

I too am looking to build my team! I'm in the NW suburbs of Chicago...

Very nice to meet you both! I will let you know if I find any good members or resources! 

@Shelly F. I'm in the NW suburbs as well, if there is something I can help with PM me. Unfortunately @Chris Irvin  I'm not as close to you and don't know anyone in your area but I'm sure someone will chime in here, this place is a fantastic resource.  Mark 

Chris Irvin

Attornies specialize. For estate planning and assett protection contact Richard "Dick" Erdman in Fairview Heights. If you have other needs let me know. My contact information is below.

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