Areas of Aurora for buy and hold

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Hey BP!

I've been reading everything I can and analyzing deals as soon as something catches my eye, but the only areas around the chicagoland region that make sense with our crazy high taxes for buy and hold seems to be Aurora/Joliet. With that being said, I am really unfamiliar with Aurora. I know certain parts of Aurora are sketchy, so I am looking for some advice on zipcodes/streets to avoid. I am not looking to buy in the best neighborhoods, but somewhere in the middle preferably. I do plan on doing management myself when i decide to buy my first property and want to ensure that my first deal doesnt cripple me because of my lack of knowledge. Any help is greatly appreciated!


Hi @Frank Pilipauskas ! I am a Realtor and investor and work in the western suburbs. I would love to help you- pm if you would like to chat.

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