Renter's Day in Chicago and other cities

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Socialist parties and entitlement pushers.  Rent control in Chicago.

Has anyone heard backa bout this?  I have a friend in chicago who said they had issues with a drug dealer tenant that they couldnt evict.  They finally got him out when the police raided.  Its in suburbs of Chicago but south side.   Anyways it's ironic because she bought there because she wanted to get out of NYC burbs because it's so landlord unfriendly

Rent control has no legs in Chicago.   This looked like a very small protest.  Not happening.

With regards to a drug house - suburbs will often cooperate very closely with the landlord to raid a house and even fast track the evictions.  It depends which suburb.

It is true that Chicago has strong tenant rights.  I have an attorney that can guide anyone though the eviction process.  You almost always win- because the tenant can't really challenge the eviction.  It's about payment.  Claiming things are broken is not a defense for an eviction case. 

how long does it take to actually get them off the property with your attorney being involved? 

I thought every day was tenants day in Chicago.

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