Legal Units in a Multi Family

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Looking for a "Pro Tip"!! I am wondering if there is an easy way in Cook County to find the amount of legal units in a multifamily property without pulling a zoning certificate.

My situation:

I have a property that is being marketed as a 5 unit, 3 units main & 2 units coach house. I went to the Cook County Assessor site and found it is being assessed as a 4 unit. 

The help is appreciated!

@Rinee John de Leon are you buying or selling the property?  The Property Assessor's office is nearly always the legitimate source of information for identifying all characteristics, especially bed and bath count of a respective property.  That is the first place a city, building department, or code enforcement division looks to confirm such information.  


Thank you for the information. I am representing a buyer in a north neighborhood of Chicago and was doing some due diligence for my buyer. 

@Rinee John de Leon - the assessor site in not reliable.  Check the department of buildings.  They don't always have the DU listed but if they do it is usually right.  Otherwise you need the cert

Thank you @Brie Schmidt . I checked the department of buildings site and it said the DU is 3 but this is a main building with a 2 unit coach house. The DOB seems to be describing only the main building. Have you experienced this with properties that contain a coach house?

Thank you for the help!