Anyone invest in the Illinois Valley, LaSalle-Peru Area

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Just curious to see if anyone else is investing in this area.  Kind of a small place but with dirt cheap housing.   If anyone works in this area there might be opportunity for collaboration or at least war-story exchange.

@jimbryant I have searched in Peoria, went to visit a couple of times, however don’t know what areas are best.  I need to do a bit more research.  Are you finding good deals/areas? 

Hi. I haven't looked there yet. I've been having some success in the Peoria area though. I'm always opening to partnering on deals.

I'm talking north of Peoria about an hour.  @Diana, I would say this area is pretty good, but it's small time ball.  I bought my first house here 2bd/1bath before the crash for 56k but in 2012 I got a house for 20k 3bd/1bth and my best house 3bd/1th 19k at a silent auction.  I get 500, 600 and 650 respectively.  Taxes in the low 1000s.   Anyway, I'm trying to find some people who invest in the area to at least get to know one another and swap notes.  Especially since the population is small, to pass around names of people never to rent to :D.

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We currently invest in LaSalle county and have considered Grundy and Will counties as well. We are always looking to network with other local investors and share helpful information. My partner Caren is planning on attending the next meetup at Great American Bagel in Joliet.

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