Flipping out of State?

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So I'm getting a tad bit frustrated with the Chicago flipping market. Margins are extremely tight in areas I'm interested in flipping. I have a money partner, however, even with more capital - nothing spectacular in profits I'm seeing. That goes for off-market properties as well. I drive for dollars, establish relationships with wholesalers etc 

My question: Has anyone flipped a project out of state, if so, I'm interested in hearing your story. I'm trying not to get discouraged however I don't want any more time to pass. 

@Sydney Griggs   what you are running into is simply competition due to a hot market. Everyone is facing that today. 

You will find many markets are as tough as your own. Flipping from a distance is a high risk operation.  It increase both your risk and your cost. It can be done just be aware of the risk.

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