I am interested in a commercial property for our new church. I have found one. Upon doing research I found that there is about $12,000 in back taxes owed for a time span of 4 years. I was told that yhe property could be listed on the scavenger list this year 2019. It was on the list before and no one bought the taxes. More resear hed led me to find out that the owner is deceased and no one has paid taxes since 2013. How does the bidding work. I have saved about 5000 of my own money so far. As a scavenger property is the full amount of taxes still due or is tge winning bid all I would have to pay and wait it out to take it to deed. Theres no liens on the property. Also if there are unpaid utilities on the property am I responsible for those? Also because we are a newly formed church are there any incentitives or discounts for purchasing scavenger properties. All info welcomed