Chicago Door Contractor

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Does anyone have a recommendation for a Chicago contractor that can fix or replace a drafty front door?  

The ground floor unit on my 3flat is slightly below grade so when when you open the front door you see a 3-4" concrete step up directly in front of the door. The door is extremely drafty when it is cold so much so that on extremely cold days its hard for the tenants to keep the apartment warm. I put in the "stick on" door seals but they are not sufficient.  The jamb could use a little work too.

@Kevin Coleman which part of Chicago are you located in? Contractors here are pretty local, so we will need to know more about which neighborhood you are in. 

@Kevin Coleman

I'm got a skilled handy man who can solve that problem.  How can I send you his info?

Hi @Darnell P. or @Kevin Coleman I am also looking for a handyman for various tasks , can you please refer if the handyman is available to take more work.


He is part of a crew rehabbing a house in the north suburbs. He should be available next week. 

@Darnell P. can you also provide me the contact? I have various tasks in my unit in Irving park that I need to contract out.

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