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I have a rental guarantee in place with the Seller of a property I bought (guarantees my first 12 months rent, regardless of the property's tenant status) in Indianapolis.  The company has undergone sweeping changes in the past 4 months and are almost completely unresponsive to me at the moment.  They are one month behind making reimbursement payments for the vacant property (tenant had to be evicted) and I am doubting their willingness to honor their agreement.

I am out of the area and am looking for a lawyer who might be able to assist me if I need to take this to small claims.  I am going to re-read the agreement and make sure I give them appropriate notice if it comes down to that, but assuming they stop paying, it will be a claim for 3-6 months of rent.

In case anyone is wondering who the company in question is, it's Vision Equity (VE).  I did several deals with them and they were once a very good company, but like I mentioned they underwent wholesale changes and are now a complete disaster that I wouldn't advise anybody to get anywhere near.

Thanks for any recommendations or referrals!


I would also encourage you to reach out to Joanne McAnlis.  She is a real estate investor and a practicing real estate lawyer who advises several local property management companies.  She is regularly in small claims court.  Here is her contact information:

Joanne McAnlis


RE/MAX Ability Plus - Commercial Division

McAnlis Law LLC

[email protected]

O 317.542.0208

C 317.250.4922

F 866.612.2682

Best of luck,



I am more than happy to discuss your issue. I am a real estate attorney, real estate broker and an investor of more than 20 years. 

Feel free to contact me if I can be of assistance.

Thanks so much for posting this.  I have a resident MD in Indpls that has to vacate immediately and will owe me late fees, 2 months rent and cleaning due to his student loan premium increasing.  I will be contacting these 3 attys as I am in Florida.  Wish me luck and I hope you achieved success.

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