Any suggestions for an insurance agent in Indianapolis?

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@Jeb Brilliant

  if you own a home in CA.. and this is your first investment property.. you can add it to your current policy.. be sure to check the small print

what you need in the mid west is not what we get on the west coast.

IE you need wind and hail damage clause... also be very cognizant of and specifically get it in writing about vacant home ... Many policies stop coverage if the home has sat vacant for 60 to 90 days... Many landlords learn this the hard way.. when a rental goes vacant and does not get a new tenant then it has a loss and they are not covered.  Frist thing an adjuster will ask you is when did you tenant leave let me see the lease and they will even talk to neighbors... WE fought this many times as a lender in possession..

Great advice @Jay Hinrichs . I called my State Farm agent here and they said bc it's an investment property to call a local agent there and it wouldn't be an add on. If you think that's wrong I'll call back and talk to the actual agent versus the woman who I usually talk to that answers the phone and takes my payment. She's pretty smart but this may be outside her scope. 



@Jeb Brilliant

 Its more about the proper coverage than who does it..  and generally mid west shops are cheaper than west coast.. just make sure you compare apples to apples.. and get what you need.

1. wind and hail

2. what happens when my property is vacant for two months or more

3. vandalism and theft.. what happens and whats the deductible when someone steals my condenser unit or breaks in and steals all my appliances water heater and copper.

those types of things you want to know up front as your buying in a area that will that any of the above could happen to you...

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