Indianapolis RE lawyer - Lease agreements

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I'm wondering if anyone can recommend a good firm in the Indianapolis area to draw up lease agreements.  I contacted one firm and they have a Landlord Packet for $750 but it doesn't seem like that would be catered to my situation.  It almost seems like there's a pile of them that they just sell when someone asks...

I've seen this firm pop up on BP by searching and it's mainly in regards to title work but nothing in the realm of landlording...  Any help you can provide or a point in the right direction would be great.


Try @Jynell Berkshire .  In addition to consulting out-of-town & international investors on real estate investments in Indianapolis, she is also a real estate investor & landlord herself, so I trust that her knowledge and experience with drafting & reviewing lease contracts is top notch.  She also does title related work but her practice is more expansive than that.  She also happens to be very personable. :)  Good luck!