Online Real Estate License Recommendations

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I am going to get my Real Estate license online. I tried Aceable but they don't do licensing for Indiana yet. There are dozens of online sites to get the license from so I don't want to waste my time on a program that's sub par.

Does anyone have a recommendation?

Do REALU, Tucker, IBREA, or RECP.  Those are the reputable ones.  I personally did mine through Tucker and passed the first time I sat for test.  Another guy doing his test at the same time was coming in for the 13th time -- don't waste your time or money with the fly-by-night companies.

I'm local so I did a local company's real estate school and passed on the first attempt.  Unless you are super-disciplined, the 90 hour course is probably easier in a live class than online.  

I did use CEShop for the 30 hour post licensing course and I thought that was pretty good.   

@Gloria N Gear thanks! I somehow found myself on a Keller Williams page that led me to Real Estate Express. So I purchased that and just started it last night.

The thing I don’t get is that I am supposed to be taking a 90 hour course but nowhere am I seeing anything (videos or audio) that clocks out at 90 hours, it’s just an online curriculum, some practice tests, and the physical book. So idk if the online material has become a stand in for the 90 hours or if I am missing something...

@Carl R. that's good to hear. A few days ago I signed up with Real Estate Express . The thing that throws me is its not a 90 hour course, its just a book with some exam prep.