Property Manager Recomendation in Indianapolis

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We own 4 SF homes a duplex in Indianapolis IN and have had the same sub-standard property manager since we have owned the properties. We are now at the point where we need a good recommendation for an affordable property management company that communicates properly with an out of state landlord and will not take advantage of that situation.

Thanks in advance for any help.

Brian Rhodes

We use Sam Barron with Barron Property Management. He is the best that we've ever had in the area in the past 5 year. Please contact me directly for his contact information.

I would strongly recommend staying away from Barron Property Management unless you're a local owner.  Had a construction contract with them, their work was disorganized, poorly managed, and they refused to prove to me they had done all of the work they were hired to do, because they hadn't done it.  I intended to use them as a management company, but never got that far after they cheated me.

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