Investments in Leavenworth KS.

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hello all BP. I am looking at expanding my range of investment and I have been looking at the Leavenworth KS area. can anyone tell me your thoughts on the local market ? I would love to talk with you. if in KC. KS. or KC. MO as well thank you Jason. 

Jason I looked at Leavenworth a year or so ago. I like the market. Decent prices and rents. There are definitely areas that rent more towards the military and some to lower income and centered around the prison. It's important to have a PM who knows the market and has good ins with the base there for housing. I ended up not investing there only because a different opportunity came up. Good luck.

@Jason Eberhardt

I own 107 rental units in Leavenworth/Lansing with another 32 under contract.  I've been looking in KC for a while now, and the only place I can match cash flow returns are in shady areas of KC.  So I keep investing up in Leavenworth. 

The property management company to use is Echelon Property Management.  This is actually a company I started because I didn't trust the managers at the time.  I then approached the current owners about buying it because I thought it would be perfect for them and they would do great.  

@Jon Morgan i have not bought there yet i am looking all over the place. I have been flipping like crazy the last 3 years to save up to help buy a multi family.

do you know of investments in your area ?