Manhattan, KS Real Estate

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Lets talk some Manhattan, KS Real Estate. I noticed the enrolment for K State is down, I have seen this from the vacancies in Aggieville and many students vacated after Covid-19 in March. I also see that this is turning around. I am interested in opening up a Air B&B here. No horror stories please, I have lived here for 3 years and love the K state community. Please give me some of your takes and opinions on this area. Thanks Jon

My take on MHK.  Rents are down due to overbuilding by large nice apartments.  Housing prices are flat at best but looking slightly better recently.    Short term rental does fine, (we had friends with a lake house that performed nicely).  NBAF is starting to hire so I expect there to be a general uptick in the overall economy.   Overall I’d say that Manhattan is a long term play.   I laughed when I saw on Biggerpockets had a list of the best zip codes for each state, and Manhattan was Kansas’ best market.