Morning S.A.V.E.R.S Routine (Miracle Morning)

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I've been doing the the "Miracle Morning" routine for quite a while and it has been absolutely fantastic. I'm more focused throughout the day, I have more energy and I'm twice as productive as I was before I started doing it. But, I have an issue and I'm wondering if anyone else experiences it as well...

During the "S" (Silence) part of the "Miracle Morning"... I seem to keep falling asleep. :D

This morning I did several jumping jacks, burpees and pushups before I started. It didn't help.

It happened to me every time I did it (when I started) if I did it in bed.

I moved to the living room and sat on a chair to do it.  This helped.

I'm a MM person too, and the S always gets me... it's my drowsey time before the coffee kicks in. :-) 

My husband and I have been investors for 2 years. However, since my husband and I started to do the MM and built in RE related affirmations, we have experienced such success! It's only been about 1.5 months, but we are gearing up for growth and couldn't be happier. 

Wishing you guys luck and success in your MM. If you figure out a way to stay awake for the first "S", let me know! :-)

During my MM, I do my Silence while I am walking.  I am averaging 3 miles a day and walking at 3.5 miles per hour, I get about 50 minutes of silence.  I can actually do ALL the items on the list while walking, except reading.  Journaling I do mentally.  Visualization and Affirmation are easily done on my walk.  When I wake up, the first thing I do is stretch as much as I can for a minute or so.  Then, I stand up, turn around and MAKE MY BED.  This gets me into the "awake mode" plus I get a chore done.  Then I put on my sweats and walking shoes and out the door I go.  Most days, it is 2-3 minutes from waking up to out the door!

@Mike McKinzie here is an actual journal for the Miracle Morning Routine. It’s very beautiful, helpful and already has all of the sections included! Makes it much easier to maintain the routine!

The "Miracle Morning Routine" Daily Journal (aka. 7-Step Morning Routine) (Morning Miracle Routine - Journals)