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Been listening to podcasts and keep hearing about a Tesla.  Going to show my age (and lack of pop culture), but when I hear Tesla, I think little suzi, signs signs everywhere signs and what you got is what you give; so, I had to google this thing and learn that it's a car...ah yes, I've seen it on the news.  It has to come from Lester Holt, investing articles, Nick Jr. (or BP); otherwise; I'm in the dark.

TESLA is a new all electric vehicle designed by Elon Musk and a Panasonic partnership. With regards to real estate investing, TESLA is building a very large (second largest building by square feet in the world) to build the car batteries for mass production. They will also make home batteries that can power the entire house. This factory will be right outside Reno, NV and is projected to bring in 10,000 jobs which is a huge influx of population to Reno. Basically a comparison to Detroit during it's hay day. Any large enough industry like this can really influence home values and buy/rent ratios. Hope that helps a bit.

And, as they say, ... the rest is history. 

Rumor was that Greenville, SC will be home to a future Tesla Gigafactory. Austin TX won out but Greenville would be a wise future choice given that there are available automotive talent pools there. The last rounds ended with Texas and Germany (Berlin). Nashville was also on the list, maybe still is.