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Today as I went to refi a house I purchased through an equality loan I came to find out that I have a collection on my credit score that dropped me about 75 points. Lowering me down into the high 600"s. I was unaware I had this bill and it was from the utility department at an old apartment I use to live at. It just got sold to a collection agency and they listed it on my credit. What are some ways I could get this removed from my credit report? Any tips tricks or whatever would be greatly appreciated

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I was looking to see if any one has had any experience with challenging credit bureaus.

@Justin Yocom

On the bottom of your credit report, there are three companies and their addresses.  These are credit bureaus.  Contact all three, dispute the claim and make the creditor chase you.  The bureaus will give the company 30 days to respond and if they do and it's yours, then pay it.  If not, it will go away.


Thank you Stephanie! Do I mail them a letter disputing ?

@Justin Yocom

Go to each bureau's website. They have forms you can fill out from there.

My husband's Uncle was applying for a VA loan and he disputed a late from Bank of America on a credit card (they reported it as a 30 day late when it was just 5 days late). They corrected it.

He had limited credit, so it had significant impact.  His score went up almost 70 points.

@Justin Yocom I would call them and tell them you will pay the account today but only if they delete the charge off.  Get a letter in writing from them stating that they will delete the reporting if the account is paid today.  Not all collection companies will do this but I have done this in the past.

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