How to be of value to a mentor?

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I am interested in buying multi family properties in the Nashville area for brrrr. I’ve read a ton and listened to BP podcasts. What I really want is a mentor to help me get systems in place for each aspect of the process. So I guess this post has two goals- to connect with a mentor and get feedback about how I can be of value to my mentor.

I currently own 2 sfh in Portland,ME and Chattanooga TN. I live in Maine and plan to move to TN in about 18 months. I have equity in my Maine house as well as cash to invest for our future properties. I have my realtors license in Maine for another 4 months. I’m great at researching information.

I have a background in marketing and I work as a life coach and psychologist. My husband is an old school handyman. He can build or fix anything- including houses. I am happy to buy on my own or partner on some deals.

I look forward to connecting with some incredible people!!

It sounds like you already have a good idea of how to be valuable to a mentor. And good for you for wanting to give as much value as you get.

There are lots of ways to be valuable in relationships. You touched on trading with them and it sounds like you have a lot to offer. You can also simply hire a mentor. If you are paying them for their expertise, then there is no need to give them further value.

Or you can partner with another investor and learn from them as you go. But do stay away from mentors who offer apprenticeships as if they will teach you in trade for work but then ask you for money to fund their deals. Try to keep those worlds separate. Either trade, or pay for mentoring or partner with another investor. But don't mix those together, don't partner and put up money until you are more experienced and have relationships you can trust. In a partnership, let them put up the money and you do the work with their oversight. Or, if you're not ready for that then start by finding another investor properties for a fee then learn from them as you watch them do their thing with it. BP also has some great articles on how to find a good mentor.

I'd be interested in discussing any potential fit.  I own a number of properties in Chattanooga, as well as a PM company.  Also do flips and build spec new construction.  I would suggest looking into the BP meetup that is the fourth Thursday of each month at Puckett's in downtown Chatt.  

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