Fort Polk/Alexandria/Lake Charles LA

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Hey BP Community,

I’m wondering if anyone here is in the Fort Polk/Alexandria/Lake Charles Area. I’m looking to find someone else with the same interests as I or is this just an untouched market?? 

@Reuben Gathright

Thanks for the reply, I figured as much! I'm looking for any kind of REI meet ups in the area to attend but haven't found anyone around here who hold the same interests as I. My main interests in real estate are in buy and hold investing. Any direction you point me in is much appreciated!

Market in Calcasieu Parish has been ferociously bought for the past five years due to a rush by investors to capitalize on the temporary worker boom brought about by the construction of new LNG facilities.

Now that is done and only one new LNG plant being built in Cameron so we lost over 5,000 rental units of demand in less than six months of 2019.

In next two years we will see numerous bankruptcy auctions by local Sheriff as over extended landlords are forced to liquidate.

Many Sheriff auctions are going unbid right now as we discover the new floor or price per sqft for medium and low income housing.

DISCLOSURE:  I am a tax deed investor and waiting out the market from that perspective.