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Tax lien certificate sale
Hello All -Complicated tax lien certificate issue here & would appreciate any insight or help.Recently purchased 3 tax Lien certificates for properties in New Iberia, La, through the online auction.  For each of... View more
Owner Finance Scenario
I recently realized the amount of interest that I am paying the bank based on the mortgage on my home is ridiculously high.  I realized how much money I could save if I had an investor pay off my mortgage, and I... View more
Proof of funds from Cash buyer for cosmetic flip in Darrow, LA
Is it appropriate to ask a cash buyer for proof of funds before arranging a showing? This is for an out-of-state owner which makes showing the property more difficult. I am out-of-state too.
Recommendation for D Class Rental Property Insurers in Louisiana?
I am looking at a few D-class rental properties in Northern Louisiana valued between $45k and $80k and am in need of a Insurer who can insure my rental properties. Any recommendations? Thanks! 
Best BRRR Strategy Refinance Options Baton Rouge
Hey everybody, We are working on a rehab right now that we bought cash and will eventually rent out. Does anyone have a suggestion on a good lender for the refinance of this house? We are in the Baton Rouge area.... View more
Leverage for Louisiana Tax Lien Portfolio
Has anyone ever obtained a secured loan from a bank using a pool of Louisiana Tax Liens (Tax Sale Certificates) as collateral?  If so, could you please share the bank contact person and/or attorney who created the... View more
Bogalusa Multi Buy and Hold
I have a lot of due diligence to do as an investment in Louisiana would be an out of state investment for me. However I do have family in the Bogalusa area. I’m curious to know how the buy and hold market is in this... View more
Recommendations for a investor friendly title company on north sh
I’m looking for a title company with good service, great reputation and reasonable rates. Willing to wor with investors and possibly some wholesale business (double close) Thank you
Anyone from the Lafayette area?
Hi!  My family is considering a move to the Lafayette area, so I'm just trying to come up to speed on the area quickly.With the university in town, and having heard a little about the economic depression due to falling... View more
Newbie Investor, Advice, Networking in Louisiana
Hey everyone, I recently decided to get into the REI game here in North LA. I've only lived out here about 3 years (moved from CA). Just trying to network with other investors, agents, CPA's, lenders, etc. Haven't been... View more
Installing a septic tank
Anyone knows of a good contractor to install a septic tank. Purchasing a lot in Carencro area, it has a septic tank, but I understand that once the mobile home that was attached to it was moved, we need to install a... View more
LA Real Estate Attorney Needed
I don't know why this is so difficult to find a good attorney in LA. Can someone please refer me to one who is responsive and knowledgable about RE investing? At this point, the city in LA doesn't matter. Thank you in... View more
Am I reading this correctly regarding evictions
I'm in the process of getting my real estate license in Louisiana.  I just read this paragraph and want to know if I'm understanding it correctly:EvictionFor failure to pay rent, the lessee can be expelled. If he has... View more
Just Getting Started In Flipping & Wholesaling
Just getting started in the flipping and wholesaling here in Lafayette, Louisiana area.  I am currently a sponge on any information or suggestions on getting started.  Been doing a lot of studying, just getting started... View more
how to structure this deal
Hello I'm in need of some advice I recently set up a deal with a seller for 28k with the intention of wholesaling the deal.i just received a call from a potential buyer who has 20k to put down and want to finance the... View more
Real Estate CPA Needed In New Orleans Market
I am seeking a CPA to add to my team. My current CPA was fine before I began investing however now I am not too sure they are the right person for the job. Anyone know of a CPA who also invests in real estate. That... View more
House Hack Rental or Disposal Dilemma
Hello all, My wife and I are currently in an interesting situation with our investments and we are trying to come up with the best plan of action to proceed. For the last 8 years or so, we have been living in a 2/3 of... View more
Good broker for investor with license
I'm in the Denham Springs/Walker area. I want to get my RE license just for buying and selling my own investment properties. Does anyone know of a good broker who will let investors hang their license that is not... View more
In need of local CPA with Real Estate experience
My two brothers and I are just starting out in this industry. We just bought our first property which is a 4-unit in Baton Rouge. Before things really get going, we would like to sit down with a CPA for a little... View more
State specific lease
I have my first rental property under contract and I have the forms that you get with @Brandon Turner 's Book on Managing Rental Property.  I was wondering if anyone had any state specific lease agreements they would... View more

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