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Looking to get stared
Hello, I'm new to BP as well as REI, I've done lots of homework and feel ready to get my feet wet on my first deal. I'm a father of 2 young boys and barely staying afloat, It's time to get my family out of debt... View more
north Louisiana real estate
Hi all,I'm originally from Louisiana, but have lived in Los Angeles for 20 years.  In a few years, I'll be retiring and moving back home.  I spent 11 years in Monroe at NLU/ULM, and my family lives in and around... View more
Searching for Electrician and Painter Hammond, LA
Hello all,I'm searching for a licensed electrician to bring my property up to code. I just purchased a rehab and the box is in shambles. Also, I am in need of a painter/laborer to prep the exterior wood siding for... View more
Networking Baton Rouge/
Hello everyone, i'm pretty new to everything in real estate and wanted to get started in wholesaling. I have been reading books, watching podcasts, and also networking with a few people. If anyone would like to give me... View more
Baton Rouge and Ascension area/ wholesaler
I'm new to wholeselling but, so far I have 3 motivated sellers, but no cash buyers. Guess I got to excited and jumped a head of myself. Any recommendations on how to fix this. I guess this is a good and bad situation... View more
LF 203K lenders and / or contractors in NOLA
If anyone has lenders or contractors that they've worked with in New Orleans and would recommend them to someone else I would greatly appreciate if you could pass along their info. After a lengthy search we've finally... View more
Louisiana Online Auction
I am new to RE investing. In fact, like extremely green but I am trying to learn the business. I think I have located a nice deal but it being sold on an online auction . My question is does the online auction require... View more
Finding a reputable contractor in south Louisiana
I would like to get in touch with a good contractor for my area. Interested in rehabing properties between New Orleans, Hammond, and Baton Rouge. Maybe someone who can take the time to investigate a property with me... View more
Networking in Louisiana
Hey everyone, I would love to meet up with some of my local RE entrepreneurs for coffee or lunch in the near future. If you're in the Louisiana area, please let me know so we can get connected.Looking forward to... View more
Investor looking for next deal (flip, hack, rental)
Hello Everyone, I'm about to complete my first flip and want to roll my profits into my next venture, whatever that may be. I am open to anything whether it be house hacking or a multi-family. If you would like to be... View more
Looking for a Broker to place my License.
Hi everyone, My name is Richard Spears I just recently passed my exams and I've been interviewing brokers in the Greater Baton Rouge area. I'm completely new with no experience and I'm in search of a Broker. I would... View more
Slidell Louisiana
Hello BiiggerPockets family my name is Miguel Santos I am a new member to this site and i would like to see if I can help anyone with remodeling or repairs of any kind to your properties, in Slidell Louisiana, New... View more
House flipping
Good morning. My husband and I currently reside in Northern California.  We just purchased residential property in Shreveport, Louisiana; Caddo Parish. We discovered that the property needs considerable rehabbing. We... View more
"WARNING ALL Louisianians due you due diligence"
Before i start this discussion, just let say that Louisiana will always bounce back and rebuild bigger and better than ever! I am newly implanted into the world of real-estate investing, not real estate, i was a... View more
South Louisiana investors wanted
I am  new to whole-selling but getting leads and starting to look at properties. I would like find Investors to network  with  so i know what you are  looking for and where. To be honest, my nerves are on edge about... View more
Baton Rouge Insurance Agent
Hi! My husband and I are getting close to closing on our first rental property in Baton Rouge (yay!). I was wondering if anybody has a good homeowner/landlord insurance agent? I starting to call around a get quotes,... View more
Southern Arkansas and Northern Louisiana Wholesalers
I'm currently looking to network with professional and new wholesalers in the Southern Arkansas area and the Northern Louisiana area who are serious about REI. I am a new investor in this area looking to connect with... View more
Southern Arkansas and Northern Louisiana Wholesalers
I'm currently looking to network with professional and new wholesalers in the Southern Arkansas area and the Northern Louisiana area who are serious about REI. I am a new investor in this area looking to connect with... View more
local investors in south Louisiana
Hello everyone so for been get a lot of love from members from all over on BP but even heard anything from my local area are there any investors from south Louisiana (st.mary parish, Iberia parish ) or surrounding... View more
Newbie to the LA area
Hi all!I'm hoping to relocate to either OC or LA in the next few months and trying to wrap my head around the respective investment markets. Can anybody direct me to stats sources that show # sales and avg prices in... View more
Louisville Turn Key Companies
Does anyone have any contacts or recommendations for turnkey companies in Louisville?  Or near New Albany Indiana.  I have a house I bought in a tax sale that I need to sell to an investor out there.  or any local... View more
Looking for Bilingual (Spanish) Property Manager in Baton Rouge
Good afternoon Red Stick BP'ers!  Does anyone know of any property managers in the Baton Rouge area that you would recommend and who can also communicate in Spanish?  I have an upcoming need to place several properties... View more
need a property manager in Shreveport area
I'm working on a residential buy and hold deal in Bossier City and would like recommendations on a property manager please. Thank you and Happy investing!

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