Recommendation for D Class Rental Property Insurers in Louisiana?

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I am looking at a few D-class rental properties in Northern Louisiana valued between $45k and $80k and am in need of a Insurer who can insure my rental properties. Any recommendations? Thanks! 

These folks should be able to help you out. I tried to post with their website and phone numbers but bp won't allow. I am sure you can google though ;)

National Real Estate Insurance Group

Affinity Group Management

7509 NW Tiffany Springs Pkwy #200

Kansas City, MO 64153

@Larry Hawkins.... There are a few options in our area. I would recommend an insurance broker who can find you the best deal. Call around if you don't get many referrals. Secondly, at the $45k-$80k price point (If you're talking about only one asset for that price) you are looking at a decent rental. You shouldn't have a problem insuring it if the property is habitable. 

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