Lafayette Born and Raised - Gearing Up!

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Hey, fellow Louisianians! Hope you all had a chance to check out Festival this weekend! I just posted my "new member" thread here if you'd like to know a little bit of my background, and I wanted to come in and introduce myself to the local Lafayette and larger Louisiana communities. I'd love to get involved with any meetup groups and REIAs around the area, though I'm not finding too much.

I did find the BP Acadiana meetup group led by Robert, so I'm excited to check that out. If there are any other organizations or clubs you guys would recommend or, better yet, suggestions on gaining some hands on experience, let me know!

I'm definitely looking at SFHs and multi-families to start out, with hopes of going into commercial some time in the future. From what I've read, the Lafayette market can be pretty hot 'n' heavy, so I'm sure it'll be a great challenge!

Like I mentioned in my previous post, Lafayette and Louisiana may not be the most popular or prestigious markets, but good gumbo(!) do we have some of the best culture and cooking I've ever experienced. Proud to be a part of it and ready to get going!

Welcome, @Brady Higginbotham . You should find all that you need and more here at BP. I have been to Roberts group a few times and have met some really nice folks. I think there is a REIA in BR that might interest you as well.

I wish you well in your investments! 

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