Tax Liens on Blighted Properties in Louisiana

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I have searched far and wide and cannot find anything on how to get a property officially declared "blighted" (or abandoned), other than New Orleans. I am trying to reduce the redemption period to 18 months from 3 years, but was told by the title clearing company they need it to be declared blighted first. Does anyone know how to do this? Do I need to call the code enforcer or file something for legal action? Properties are located in Iberia, St. Mary, and Caddo parishes. Many thanks for any responses. 

@Jessie Griffin While I dont deal with the parishes you asked about, it would be the city the property is in (or the parish if outside of city limits) that would declare the property blighted.  The city or parish would investigate if its blighted after a someone reports it to them.  

As for your redemption period, I have been told that was state law, which allows for the previous owners a long period to redeem their properties, which I think is 3 years. Thus its incredibly risky to try and do anything to the property in that period.

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