ISO Mamou Louisiana Investors

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Looking for some investors in the Evangeline Parish area to connect with. Specifically near the Mamou area. Landlords, flippers, etc. Or even service providers such as: Property managers, agents, lenders, etc. 

I know it's a small town but looking to connect. Reach out if you're near there. Thanks!

Near Eunice, Ville Platte, Reddell, Pine Prairie, etc. A little bit away from the Lafayette, Lake Charles, Alexandria areas but in that general area.

Hope to hear from you! 

LOL! It’s funny you should ask.  I often use Mamou as my example of a small town that is WAY off the beaten path.  Feel free to reach out to me if you have something out that way? I can help you out.

@Robert Leonard Small world. Lol. Working with someone who has access to some rentals there that we will be looking to virtually wholesale. 

@Melvin Granger this here is the beauty of Bigger Pockets. If you'd be interested in some rentals there, let me know. We have one under contract right now but are working on others.