Tax Delinquent Lists Maryland (Anne Arundel)

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 I am trying to gain some insight as to how to collect tax delinquent lists in Anne Arundel County. I visited the District court in Glen Burnie to inquire about a "tax delinquent" listing at the county clerks office and was told there was no such thing there. She recommended to me that I visit the Circuit court in Annapolis, that they might be able to assist me there but she wasn't sure. Anybody aware as to how to collect that information for Anne Arundel County and Prince George's as well? Thank you

My recollection is that tax sales in Maryland are generally held in June and are advertised at least thirty days in advance. 

I am unaware of any readily available listings as the property owners are notified of their delinquency and given opportunities to correct the matter in the months leading up to annual sale before their property being  listed publically

Hey group, anyone able correlate plus verify the above with the most recent information ?

I have not been able to find it for PG county, but most other counties in the area I've been able to find relevant info through the GIS/OIT departments. There is often a property tax database that you can download.

@Emojevwe Sowho Most counties in Maryland post their tax delinquent list online during the years tax sale (as previously stated they are usually around June).

The list will usually stay posted on most counties websites until they are gone. I did a quick Google search for Anne Arundel County and noticed that the 2017 remaining list is up and updated on their website. 

Good Luck!

@Account Closed Thank you for you responses. i really appreciated it.  But is it safe to assume that the properties on the list for 2017 who's tax liens were not sold could either populate on the next list this year, could have paid off the taxes, or maybe the taxes are still accruing? Also does anyone know what the "Assessment" column is attributed to on that list? 

Prior year delinquencies could definitely show up in the current year's tax auction. My experience in PG County is to check the tax inquiry website to confirm if the taxes were paid or not.

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