PMs servicing Halethorpe, Catonsville, Arbutus area

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I am not looking for advise rather I am looking for passive or semi-passive investors and who they currently employ for property management in the areas named in the subject. 

I'm looking for PMs that are not highly restrictive with contract on dates and fees. 

Restrictive meaning, things like charging a fee whether they place a tenant or not and want to be paid if contract is terminated for the remainder of the lease although they are not managing. Or things like renewal fees or termination fees excess of what I mentioned on tenant leasing.

@Daria B. a little late but I live in Arbutus and manage a few properties on the side. I work full time as an agent but looking to grow my PM business. Lets connect if you still need help. Cheers, Chris 

I am in the Property Management world, and if someone came to me with those types of restrictions on how we operate, I would turn them away. This is a professional service and we are managing our investors biggest assets. You are not only paying a professional manager for the services they provide, but the knowledge and understanding to keep your property protected, and laws followed. I also own properties out of state, and always find a property manager who is a NARPM member, who manages properties full time, and that DOES charge ancillary fees. This tells me they understand the property management world, and they are in it for the long haul.